Torq's RD400C

Model      RD400C

Year         1976

Code        1A1

Colour      Chappy red



Barrels    2R9 1mm O/S

Air filter    Standard

Carbs       1A    00

                2.0 Slide

                200 Main Jet

Exhaust    Allspeed Mk3

400E inlet balance pipe



Standard with bronze swing arm bushes

Modified Raask rear sets

No pillion foot rests

No Center stand

Seat is lowered


Front End

LC2 Forks, yokes, calipers and discs

4x2p coins preload in each leg

Stainless Hoses with LC2 splitter

400E wheel

Bridgestone BT35F 90/90-18 51H


Rear End

400C Calliper

Koni Shocks

400C Wheel

Bridgestone BT45R 110/80-18 58H



Mitsubishi 280W alternator

Newtronics electronic ignition

Hellas headlight.

Air horn powered by underseat compressor.


Well I've had the bike for about 5 years and use it regularly for commuting across Dublin to work.  It's an ideal town bike, small, manouvers and great for getting away from traffic lights.  The LC2 brakes leave a lot to be desired, very weak and the forks are very soft even with new springs.  It's a US spec bike as can be seen by the smaller tank and different decals.  It also benefits from the higher output Mitsubishi alternator.  At some point in the past it was raced as there are lots of drillings for lockwire.  At first I found the rearsets very strange but having since ridden a 400 with standard footrests I wouldn't ride one with standard.  I've ridden the bike to the Aircooled RD Club's annual Rally in Derbyshire twice without any problems, a round trip of 360miles, last time averaging 50MPG, not bad for a bike not known as a tourer!!